Uganda mobile village clinics to care for those in remote areas


Uganda mobile village clinics

We run our clinics in Busu and the 9 neighbouring villages further afield in Iganga and Mayuge district areas.

Suubi medical centre  Uganda mobile village clinics, some of the most common services that we provide through the mobile clinics include growth monitoring for infants, prenatal care for pregnant women, immunizations, deworming medication, first aid, treatments for diarrhoea and malaria, and family planning education.

We wanted to let you know that your contributions to this project make a tangible difference in  facilitating Uganda mobile village clinics taking life-saving health care services directly to people in these poor communities’

The roads in Iganga District are very bad, most are dirt tracks that are barely accessible by car. Our staff walk to the villages or hire a motorbike. We hope that with time we can acquire Suubi medical centre’s own motorbike and later on a 4×4 van to enable us to go further than we could on a motorbike, as well as lowering the risk for our patients and our team.

A van would enable us to provide safe and comfortable transportation for all our patients and clinic work.

Help us continue to run Uganda mobile village clinics and transporting people in need by donating towards the motorbike and a van if you can.

Your support is much appreciated.