This is Our Uganda medical mission and a summery of what we stand for

Our Uganda medical mission


Suubi Medical centre’s mission is to provide, compassionate health care in an empathetic environment while also addressing the root causes of illness, poverty, violence, and neglect in Iganga-Uganda.


  • Lack of access to quality health care and education in Uganda is the greatest threat to development and peace.
  • Improving the physical and mental health of our most needy and marginalized people is not only possible but essential to the sustainable development of Uganda.
  • Universal Education based on critical thinking, from early childhood onward, is the foundation of a healthy and just Ugandan society.
  • We learn as much from the communities we support as they may learn from us.
  • We must seek to always act with bravery, empathy, and unconditional concern to achieve our goals.
  • The true measure of our success is from the pride we share, hope we build, and resilience of our communities as a result of combined efforts for what we do.

We want to develop an operational model in the long run which will enable Suubi Medical centre to serve as an incubator for the development of health projects, which can then be replicated across Uganda. Ultimately, Suubi Medical centre not just focused on Busu village and Iganga district alone. We want to look at the bigger picture. We want to improve the quality of life all over Uganda