Uganda medical care

Medical help for people in Busu village who desperately need it.

Uganda medical care

Suubi medical centre provides basic medical help for people who would have no chance of accessing this much-needed treatment. Access to basic medical care in Uganda is expensive and highly inaccessible for many people in Uganda, especially rural communities like Busu where we work.

We support people with HIV or jiggers

One of the projects we recently run is working together with our nurses and local health care support workers to eradicate Jiggers in their villages where we operate. Jiggers- known as chigoe flea, can cause infection in the foot which can cause serve complications for those affected. Jiggers affect both children and adults and in recent years there has been an epidemic in the villages where we work.

Many people in Uganda are living with HIV. Twice as many women are affected by HIV compared to men, especially young women. The use of anti-retrovirals has increased and infection rates are beginning to decline. At Suubi Medical centre,  we are able to provide a local nurse trained in this area to provide testing and referral. There is still a stigma and discrimination for people with HIV.

Our Medical staff at Suubi Medical centre are specifically trained to evaluate, diagnose and treat common illnesses. Here is our list of services, just to list a few.

What we treat:

  1. Malaria
  2. Pneumonia
  3. Worms
  4. Wounds
  5. HIV/ AIDS
  6. Family planning/ Contraception
  7. Jiggers
  8. Burns
  9. Allergies
  10. Malaria
  11. STDs
  12. Rashes
  13. Minor Fractures
  14. Urinary tract infections
  15. Scrapes, Minor cuts/ Stitches
  16. Abdominal pain
  17. Abscess
  18. Aches and pains
  19. Back pain
  20. Athletes Foot
  21. Bladder infections ( Cystitis)
  22. Bronchitis
  23. Cold sores
  24. Diarrhoea
  25. Earache and discomfort
  26. Flue/ Influenza
  27. Haemorrhoids
  28. Jock Itch
  29. Joint pains
  30. Migraines
  31. Infections
  32. Nausea
  33. Sinus pain/ sinusitis
  34. Skin Irritations
  35. Sore throat
  36. Virus
  37. Vomiting
  38. Virus
  39. Warts
  40.  Indigestion and heartburn
  41. Yeast infection
  42. Pink eye and styes¬†