If you are passionate about charity and caring for disadvantaged, why dont you join Suubi Medical centre Uganda and help us raise much needed support.

  • Organise your own coffee morning for Suubi Medical centre, host a Suubi Medical centre charity lunch, Sign on to a charity fun run, anything.
  • Come and help in one of Suubi Medical centre fund raising events and have fun with the rest of the team.
  • Join one of our Uganda trips to Suubi Medical centre and use your skills to help the rural communities where we work.
  • Become a Suubi Medical centre ambassador, make presentations to persuade others of the needs of Suubi Medical centre and help us get people to sign up for regular small donations.

Challenges in the Year In the last year, there have been a number of challenges that have impeded the achievement of the planned targets/activities of the year and thus have reduced the expected impact of the Centre. Some of these challenges include:

  • SMC was not able to raise funds to facilitate all the planned activities in the annual budget. This means that some of the activities could not be achieved-specifically, some purchases including the vehicle and motorcycle that were planned could not be undertaken due to increasing costs and thus the achievement of set targets was adversely affected.
    • In addition, inflation in Uganda hampered the construction work and planned purchases by the centre. The inflation rate was as high as 30% at one point.
    • A dentist was identified but there is not enough budget to fund her services in the current year
  • The lack of an equipped Laboratory means that the treatment is done clinically and therefore may not be medically sufficient for proper diagnosis of illnesses. This necessitated several referrals to the main hospitals.
  • The centre does not have a vehicle to ease the transportation requirements. This means that safe transportation of drugs from the main pharmacies in the urban centres was always a hustle.
  • There is an increase in the number of persons who are self-medicating in the catchment area. This is evident in the difference between the persons treated (212) and the walk-in cases at the clinic (1,492). 90% of these walk-in cases come to buy drugs. SMC is trying to address this vice through the health sensitization seminars in the community.
  • The clinic sometimes experiences water shortages. This means that the clinic needs to construct a borehole as an alternative water facility for the centre.
  • The admitted patients at the centre lack a kitchen in which to prepare the meals for the patients.