Our Journey

Uganda is developing but is still one of the poorest countries in the world and today a big chunk of the population lives on under $1 a day.  Hunger and poverty are exacerbated by a lack of quality medical care, most severely felt by Ugandan women and children. Women in rural areas in Uganda still die during pregnancy or childbirth. Uganda faced years of setbacks, bad leadership and political instability in the past and its taking a while to fully recover.

We at Suubi Medical centre believe in Uganda because we have a vision for change, a strong will, and Busu community’s passion can do to what is needed to bring hope and health to a region in Uganda that needs both desperately.

Our vision, in the long run, is to build a 150-bed state-of-the-art hospital which will provide essential and emergency obstetrics and surgical care, with a special focus on the health needs of women and children. We want to slowly transform the community where hundreds of people receive clinical care, academic instruction, tools for income generation, and cultural reinforcement is truly unbelievable and still being written.


While we are all very proud of what we are building at the Suubi medical centre, there is a lot that needs to be done.  We want to stop the senseless deaths in rural Uganda of mothers and children which tears the social fabric of our communities and leave wounds that last for generations.

In response, we have hope to one day build a 150-bed hospital which will provide essential and emergency obstetrics and surgical care, with a special focus on maternal and child health.

At a fraction of the cost of a similar facility in the west, Suubi medical centre would save lives and reduce needless suffering. The hospital would serve as a health care model for the Iganga district and the whole Eastern region of Uganda, illustrating both what can be accomplished and how to get it done. The Medical centre facility will act as a training ground for Ugandan clinicians, researchers and leaders, serving as a platform to train and retain Uganda’s medical workforce.

The most important part of our future for Suubi medical centre is building our community of supporters and partners. We are looking for partners who are also willing to believe in Uganda, in Suubi medical centre and who will help fund the hospital and be part of our effort to bring quality care to the people of Iganga -Uganda.