We have supervised Uganda medical elective internships for Student doctors,student nurses and trainee midwives and other medical students from UK, USA, Europe, Australiaat Suubi Medical centre in Iganga Uganda.

Uganda medical elective internships

Do your official University medical elective internship at Suubi Medical centre in Iganga Uganda.

Students on electives are supervised at Suubi Medical centre and the local Iganga hospital. Students on Medical elective placements at Suubi medical centre live locally, integrating with the local community. Suubi Medical centre does not have modern medical facilities, so students on medical elective placements should bring their own instruments and medical supplies. We have medical placements at suubi medical centre for Student medical Doctors, student nurses, physiotherapists and trainee dentists

Medical volunteering in Iganga Uganda will be a great opportunity for all pre-med, medical and nursing students to know about the healthcare situations in Africa and contribute towards the well being of the local community.

You will work in Suubi medical clinic and in Iganga district hospitals located in Iganga town. Suubi medical centre is a small and basic community medical facility with hardly any facilities so to give our Students volunteers a varied experience, we partner with the Iganga District hospital which will give you chance to see a wider range of medical services and cases.

Our medical elective program suits volunteers looking for international hands-on experience and overseas-Africa medical work exposure.

Your responsibilities as a medical elective volunteer:

  • The major responsibility would be to shadow the local professional medical staff and assist them whenever needed.
  • Depending on your skills, you’ll be assigned work like suturing wounds, giving vaccinations etc.
  • You will assist patients with activities such as getting them from one service point to another.
  • You will be actively involved in the daily procedures of the hospital and medical centre, taking rounds of the wards, maintaining files, and doing routine patient checkups like measure Blood pressure, pulse, check fever etc

Your general medical elective schedule at Suubi medical centre and Iganga hospital would be:

  • Sunday – Arrival at the destination (Entebbe)- Stay overnight in Kampala
  • Monday – Travel to Iganga check in at your accommodation and orientation session will be conducted by the local coordinator, covering the major topics such as safety, culture, language, places to visit,behaviourr, food, and other suggestions for things to do in Uganda.
  • Tuesday to Friday – Volunteer work at the placement.
  • Weekends – Explore Iganga or Jinja towns / Head out for wildlife safaris and much more.
  • Breakfast – 07:30 am onwards.
  • Working hours at the placement – 08:00 am to 12:30 pm and 02:00 pm to 04:00 pm.
  • Lunch – 01:00 pm onwards.
  • Dinner – 06:30 pm onwards.

The same work schedule continues from the second week onwards (Monday – Friday).

Length of Medical elective internship at Suubi Medical centre:

Medical elective internships at Suubi Medical centre  start from four weeks, but you can add any number of weeks depending on your University requirements. You may want to travel in Uganda after your elective internship.

You can also opt to stay in Uganda to either travel independently or get involved with some ofthe travel programmes and other projects run by Suubi Medical centre.

Dates, daily routine and elective expectations in Uganda

We can arrange medical elective internship itineraries at Suubi Medical centre all year round, preferably arriving in Kampala on a Saturday or before so that you have time to settle in to your new surroundings. This also enables us to have time to transfer you to your elective location in Iganga and have you in place and ready to start your Elective on a Monday morning.

You will be expected to work a minimum of five shifts per week with each shift being an average of 8 hours long. Weekly rotas and ward rounds will be arranged on the ground with your supervising doctor at Suubi or Iganga Hospital or consultant and are designed according to your preferences.

During your time at Suubi Medical centre expect the following:

  •  A range of medical conditions which you are unlikely to see in developed countries.
    •    To gain invaluable experience in managing medical situations with limited resources and prioritising where there are little or no assumptions beforehand.
    •    To be involved with the community in planning and developing health promotion programmes.
    •    To develop personal, financial and organisational skills within a broad ecological criteria, sensitive to environmental, social and cultural requirements.
    •    To be part of a program that increases the profile of health care in Ugandan communities and possibly more important psychological implications of HIV, hepatitis and orphans.

How your medical elective internship helps Suubi Medical centre

You will directly help all of the patients that you work with while at Suubi Medical centre and you will be directly assisting the Suubi medical staff and the local hospital.

You are in Uganda to learn, but your presence is of great practical and emotional assistance, and there is a good chance you will also be communicating with the families and friends of patients. You havea chance to make a difference to people and to use your own verbal and non-verbal skills in a very beneficial and powerful way. Many people you meet in Busu and Iganga will be illiterate and the word of a medical person is very highly regarded.

You will benefit the local Busu village and Iganga  community financially by spending in the local shops, on entertainment, weekend visits or day trips. Your medical elective internship at Suubi Medical centre allows us to employ many local people.

The medical electives we offer enable us to keep some of the projects we run like Suubi Medical centre going. Msafiri tours financially supports Suubi Medical Centre so that all donations go to the programmes and projects and beneficiaries.

Preparing for your Uganda medical elective internship

You don’t need specific training before a Suubi medical centre elective internship. Do read up on Uganda before you travel, in particular, the areas that you are planning to travel to. Prior knowledge on the history, cultures, tribes and Uganda local customs will really enhance your trip.

The majority of Ugandans speak  good English and you will have very little trouble communicating, but you may find it useful for learning a few key Luganda or Kiswahili words and phrases. The local Ugandan people love to see that you made an effort to learn the language.

Clothing for a Uganda medical elective

  • Bag or suitcase, and hand luggage
  • Selection of clothing, should be conservative and comfortable and at least four or five sets
  • Rain-jacket, umbrella and a warm jumper or jacket for the evenings. It can be cold during the middle months of the year.
  • Comfortable footwear & trainers, and smarter shoes for your rounds. Flip flops or sandals also recommended.
  • Good protection from the sun, like a hat, sunglasses, sun-cream.
  • Wash kit and towel, but remember you can buy all the consumables in the local shops in Uganda
  • Camera, mobile phone, laptop, tablet – plus charger units with three pin plugs same as in the UK.
  • Torch, money-belt, water bottle, insect repellent, padlocks, local guidebook and Swahili phrase book, pens and papers, textbooks
  • Several white coats, your own stethoscope, name badge, personal hand-gel and hairnet if necessary, and a box of latex gloves
  • Personal first aid kit

The hotel and accommodation will have showers and flush toilets but some places you visit and work at like Suubi Medical centre will not be so luxurious so always take your hand gel. You can buy everything you will need locally in Uganda, including imported brands of shampoos and soaps and razors, so don’t feel you need to bring it all to Uganda with you.  Do however bring your own stock of work gloves, and your own white coats.

These are often in short supply. You may want to donate yours to Suubi Medical centre or the hospital when you leave. When at work stick to lightweight light clothing, it can get pretty hot in some of the rooms. At your accommodation, you are free to wear what you would wear at home.

Please take your anti-malarial tablets seriously, follow the entire course and don’t miss out on any tablets. Malaria is a big concern in Uganda and if you get any sort of fever when in Uganda, then please do get yourself checked immediately for malaria.

Why use Suubi Medical centre for your Uganda medical elective? 

  • We have over the years developed a keen eye on minute details and we have a well established network of medical facilities and service providers in Iganga and Uganda as a whole.
  • We have flexible Uganda electives with no fixed dates
  • All  our Suubi medical centre staff and those at the partner Iganga hospital are experienced and speak good English
  • We support the local Busu Village and Iganga District economy through our work
  • We have representation in the UK so you can chat to us about your plans
  • We have staff on hand to help teach you whenever you need us
  • Our electives meet the requirements of British medical schools.
  • We combine your elective with a chance to explore and travel in Uganda

Cost for Uganda medical electives

Here is the cost for our tailor made, fully supported Suubi medical centre electives internships.

On average without Safari, each week a medical elective placement with Msafiri tours will cost you £350 in Uganda

What’s included in the cost for your Uganda medical elective internships:

  • Transfers on arrival/departure
  • Accommodation
  • All meals with one beverage, as listed on the itinerary
  • Ground transport  to locations on the itinerary

What’s not included in the cost above:

  • Flights to and from Entebbe International Airport (£500-£700 or $1100- $1400)
  • Visa/Passport (£30 or $60)
  • Vaccinations
  • Personal insurance
  • Spending money (£40-£50 per week)

Optional add-ons to your

Our Uganda medical electives internships offer fantastic opportunities to combine education with fascinating travel. These are just a few examples of  extra activities that Msafiri Tours can arrange for you:

  • Visits to local schools
  • Visits to key cultural sites
  • Attend a live Uganda cultural music extravaganza with songs and dances
  • Visit to crafts markets and shops for souvenirs
  • 3 day safari to:  Murchison Falls park, Queen Elizabeth National Park and a gorilla trekking safari
  • Trip to Entebbe Botanical Gardens
  • Trip to Jinja, the source of the Nile River, and Owen Falls Dam, the source of Uganda’s hydroelectricity
  • Visit Mabira Forest, Uganda’s biggest tropical forest
  • Visit a tea plantation

The cost we quote for your safari in Uganda will include:

  • Transport to the game park after or before your medical elective placement
  • All meals – breakfast, picnic lunch and dinner
  • All game drives in the game park, including a boat safari
  • All park entry fees
  • Uganda government taxes
  • Driver and guide

We will give you a precise information about your Uganda medical elective placement costs on request. When you apply, we will require a £200 deposit from you in order to secure or confirm your reservation.

This is deducted from the overall placement cost. Please note that we cannot begin to organize your elective placement until we receive this payment with a completed booking form. The remaining balance is then paid 6 weeks before your actual date of travel.