Medical Centre Management and Personnel

There is an established administrative structure at the Medical Centre. The Centre in the past has been run by four medical staff but due to financial difficulty we are down to two medical staff.  The SMC employs two nursing officers and two support staff (a Cleaner and a watchman). In the future, the centre anticipates recruitment of an administrator/pharmacist, 1 clinical officer, a laboratory technician and two visiting senior Medical Doctors (a general Doctor/Clinician and a Dentist).

The Medical Centre management team is chaired by Denis Kigongo Victor and supported by five persons – a carefully selected mix of professionals and leaders in Busu village:

  1. Denis Kigongo Victor – Chairman and founder
  2. Barbara Kimera – Management Team Secretary
  3. Kiiza Victor – Committee member – (a resident of the village)
  4. Wanfuko Henry – Centre manager and local leader
  5. Kasada Tony – Local medical adviser