Suubi Medical centre- Medical charity in Uganda

The overall aim of Suubi Medical centre is to Treat people, Teach and Train the community.


Suubi Medical centre delivers primary healthcare directly to patients in Busu and neighbouring villages. Suubi Medical centre staff diagnose and treat common complaints. Suubi Medical centre also provides basic laboratory services capable of diagnosing HIV, Malaria, STIs and pregnancy without requiring patients to travel to Iganga or other nearby towns.


We know that Health education empowers communities in Busu village to live healthier lives. At Suubi Medical centre, we deliver interactive health education sessions to address the health issues we identify as most pressing, where we put the emphasis on prevention over cure. Our educational sessions cover common areas like  Nutrition, HIV/AIDS and access to safe drinking water.

Training Community Health Workers:

At Suubi Medical centre we aim to achieve sustainable healthcare in the areas we work in Uganda and Busu village in particular by increasing the capacity of community health workers (CHWs) to attend to the workshops we run. Suubi Medical centre staff and volunteers train CHWs directly and equip them to do their work in the communities effectively.  We have also  over the years conducted small public health initiatives in Busu and the nearby village communities, including teaching Busu Primary school children about basic first aid, sanitation and hygiene