Suubi Medical centre- Medical charity in Uganda

Suubi Medical centre is a non Government organisation ( NGO) in Uganda -Africa.  Suubi Medical Centre (SMC) is located in Busu village, Iwawu parish, Bulamagi Sub-county, Kigulu County in Iganga District, approximately 140 kilometers from Uganda’s capital, Kampala.

Like all the other rural villages in Uganda, Busu village is a community with varying but interrelated needs; a robust and diverse list of social and economic challenges. The vision of SMC arose out of a need to address the escalating health issues and dismal health statistics. Busu village does not have a government medical facility and residents have to move over 20kms to get to the nearest government hospital in Iganga town. Therefore, SMC is aiming at addressing the challenges of access to quality and affordable medical services.

In many villages of Uganda, one in every ten children dies before the age of five. This situation is exacerbated by the fact that only 10% of under-five children sleep under an Insecticide Treated Mosquito Nets (ITNs), while over 30% do not receive anti-malarial drugs when they have a fever. Malaria transmission occurs all year round in most parts of Uganda. Amongst the rural populations in Uganda, only 49% use improved sanitation facilities.

The fertility rate in Iganga district is 8 children per woman since only about 24% of the population can access contraceptives. Only 42% of births are attended to by skilled health personnel. This also means that 1 in every 35 women has a lifetime risk of dying from child birth related complications.