Description of Suubi Medical Centre

Suubi Medical Centre (SMC) is a non-profit, non-sectarian, Non Government ( NGO)  Medical care project in Iganga-Uganda, dedicated to bringing Medical services to the poor villages in Iganga district. Suubi Medical Centre (SMC) is located in Busu village, Iwawu parish, Bulamagi Sub-county, Kigulu County in Iganga District, approximately 140 kilometers from Uganda’s capital, Kampala.

A lot of children in rural Uganda die at an early age due to treatable illnesses, and medical care is a luxury that only a few people can afford.  Lack of adequate health care in rural Uganda leads to high mortality rates, and even the most basic healthcare is unaffordable for the average villagers.

Our vision is to provide basic medical care and educate people in Busu village so that they are empowered to make decisions regarding their health. The Medical centre will also train local people in basic community health care and we then send them out as community health care workers.

With your help we can save more life in villages in Iganga.

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    • Improving the laboratory, maternity wing and pharmacy unit
    • Equipping the laboratory and maternity wing (Antenatal care)
    • Maintaining the stock of medicine in the pharmacy
    • Operational and administration costs including salaries for the following staff:
    o 1 visiting doctor (twice a week); a general doctor
    o 1 clinical officer
    o 1 nursing officer
    o 1 laboratory technician

    Some of the success stories

    This section highlights the activities that have been implemented in relation to the fundraising  carried out.

    • Suubi Medical Centre was registered as a community based organisation in Uganda, which means we are an equivalent of a community based charity. Initially, the clinic was just a health centre. This means SMC can now seek funding locally and elicit support of the local administrative units and government projects. The next step is to work on charity status registration in the UK too.
    • A pharmacy and maternity ward for the centre was completed during the quarter. The pharmacy was stocked with medicines and basic assorted equipment for use in the clinic. The maternity ward is being used by the expecting mothers.
    • A process was started to  bring electricity to Busu village and Suubi Medicl centre. Once completed this will eased the provision of precise medical attention in the night since Busu village.
      • There are now four medical personnel at the Centre (two of whom reside within the facility) and three support staff.

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